Every year DJ mag puts together a list of clubs that are the cream of the crop when it comes to nightlife entertainment. Some of the clubs are huge establishments while others simply know how to book the right artists. Either way, the DJ Mag list is based on user submitted votes which means the list better reflects what they people enjoy.

The list hasn’t changed much from last year and only a few new names made it onto the list. With the introduction of OMNIA Nightclub this year and with 3 more super clubs scheduled to open this year, we can expect more changes to happen in the coming months.

Space Ibiza was knocked from the top spot and Las Vegas clubs saw a huge jump this year, with the likes of Hakkasan jumping 7 spots to land at number three. You can check out the list below and be the judge yourself on whether they did an accurate job:




You can read the full list on DJ Mag HERE


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