I have to admit, I first discovered Hudson Mohawke through “Chimes.” I know, I know… “Oh, you mean that song from the f*cking Apple ad???” Yeah. That one. It’s a good song, regardless of what many may think; still, I felt like I was a little late to the game. Little did I know that I had already been listening to HudMo via TNGHT, his one-off collaboration with Lunice which spawned a 5-track EP of glorious, glorious trap music. Still, I went back and listened to HudMo’s first album Butter and was thoroughly surprised by how comparatively experimental it was to his Chimes EP. Listening now to “Very First Breath,” I get an idea of who Hudson Mohawke truly is as a producer.

While “Very First Breath” featuring Irfane is definitely full of 808s and hard kicks, calling it straight trap would be a huge disservice to the tune. It’s definitely more melodic and progressive than your normal calibre of trap, though I could imagine some pretty damn hyphy remixes to come from this one. The vocals are smooth and sweet, connecting well with the large chords and soaring synths. It’s a damn good first introduction to HudMo’s sophomore album. I’m definitely excited to see what he’s got for us from here on out.