I honestly don’t even care what people have to say anymore about Martin Garrix’s collaboration with Usher, “Don’t Look Down”; these two videos completely seal the deal for me – I love this tune.

There’s definitely something to be said about director Petros’s ability to weave a story together. The two videos are essentially parallels, following the main character – a towel Boy or Girl – around a posh country club as they try to win the affection of their desire. But it isn’t just the story, it’s the imagery. Between the unmistakable sexual imagery and the odd green screen dancing-0n-the-water bit, each video is absolutely a riot to watch and will likely make you like the track if you didn’t before, or like it more if you already did.

As of right now, the Towel Boy video has ~10x the views as Towel Girl, but I personally like Towel Girl’s better. Plus, the man in hers, Balthazar Getty, looks like a cross between Gary Richards and Charlie Sheen, which is hilarious in its own right. Check out the videos below and let us know which you like better!


Director: Petros
Production Company: Draw Pictures
Executive Producer: Christopher Salzgeber
Video Commissioner: Caroline Clayton
Producer: Christopher Salzgeber
Director of Photography: Alexander Dynan
Stylist: Kate DeBlasio
Make Up­ Vanessa Price
Production Designer: Ariana Nakata
Editor: Chip Eddy – Towel Boy
Editor: Marissa Chalwood – Towel Girl
Casting: Spitfire Casting
Towel Boy – AJ Knight
County Club Girl – Natalia Bonifacci
Aerobics Instructor – Richie Greenfield


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