As much as we enjoy seeing the festival stages as we walk into the venue, there’s something to be said about seeing them being built, too. The marvels of engineering and design that go into this muti-million dollar festivals each and every year brings out some of the most astonishing stage design that the world has ever seen. In a climate where half of the actual experience is the lighting and stage production, there’s a lot to be said for the workers that put days and weeks into constructing the area you’ll be spending time at for 3 days.

Thanks to Earth Cam, you can see how the Ultra Music Festival mainstage was constructed in a 20-second time-lapse video. Additionally, you can watch as the teams on the ground continue to work, completing lighting tests and other tests of structural integrity. It may seem a little boring, sure, but I’m sure there’s an engineer in all of us, no?


Time-Lapse Courtesy of EarthCam
Photo via Rukes