Martin Garrix & Tiesto have joined forces again, only this time they didn’t crash a boat. Just announced, the pair are now working with one of the biggest companies yet to take on dance music, 7 Up. Not only did they team up for a pretty rad commercial, though; the Dutchmen also made an uplifting, progressive collaboration out of the affair entitled “The Only Way Is Up.”

If nothing else, it must be incredible to be standing as an equal to your idol, as Garrix openly admits that Tiesto was the primary reason he started into electronic music in the first place. My only other comments are on the video itself. This nearly two minute montage is very well produced and shows how much 7 Up must be investing in advertising within the EDM sphere.

Such a big company’s interest in our scene is further indication that EDM is here to stay, and a very fruitful market to tap into. We only expect this trend of corporate interest to increase in the near future as festival season is now upon us!

Photo by Rukes