Electric Forest is one of the coolest festivals you can attend this summer, and now they’re adding one more reason why you need to go. Electric Forest announced via their website that they will be attempting to set a new world record for the largest group hug.

That’s right, the EDM community is coming together to show the world that our scene is indeed the most accepting music community on planet Earth.

The current record is 10,554 participants, which was set back in 2010. Electric Forest is working now in order to successful plan the massive group hug and with a few months to prepare, we’re pretty sure they will be able to do it.

Electric Forest released the following statement explaining their plans for the massive group hug:

“For the Plug In Program’s biggest project yet, foresters will assemble at the Sherwood Court Stage in the thousands, with the goal of besting the current record of 10,554 participants. Come prepared to show the world all the love that holds us together, and that inspires us to move forward.

A very special thank you goes out to Tom, Amber, Emily, & Chris – bold members of the Forest Family who dreamt up this vision, and together with HQ will be making it a reality in 2015.

Set a reminder today – there is no community in the world that this record is more perfect for than the Forest Family.”

We will keep you updated on more information as it becomes readily available. You can keep up with Electric Forest by following them on Facebook here: Electric Forest.


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