EDM followers are getting way too comfortable behind their keyboards. Deadmau5’s outburst regarding Krewella’s Ultra set is a perfect example of the problem that is plaguing internet tormentors today.

It’s ridiculously easy to call out someone when you’re staring at a computer screen, but remember that words are still words, and you are technically a proprietor of verbal abuse. Public figures are the most frequent victims, and Krewella hits the nail on the head with their heartfelt response to these unjust barrages. “Will you still back that post tomorrow? Will you still be OK that you hurt someone tomorrow?” Renowned artists would carry out a much more stress-free career if our generation asked simple questions like this. EDM is meant to promote love and unity, and attacking someone – especially for something they didn’t deserve – serves ZERO purpose other than selfish avarice.


In the interview below, Krewella sympathizes with Monica Lewinsky, as she experienced similar cyber bullying that almost drove her to suicide. Watch carefully and take notes, as this cancerous issue continues to victimize an endless amount of undeserving internet users and public figures alike.

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You can also watch the Ted Talk from Monica Lewinsky below.

Image Source: MTV