Elephante has always been one to keep people guessing but even so, not many people were expecting this. He has recently tried his hand at taking the current biggest song from the supergroup Jack Ü and making it his. Not unexpectedly, he succeeded in doing so.

He has been on a bit of a future house kick as of late and that translates into this song as well. A majority of the song from the break to the build consists of future styled synths. It is not until the drop where his signature sound is restored. The climax is a tad more progressive than usual, with a noticeable lack of the glitchy and electro elements commonly found in his music. There is a noticeable groove throughout which aides in elevating it above most remixes of this song.

One might be a tad apprehensive when they see a remix of “Where Are Ü Now”, but Elephante definitely did justice to the original.