Colorize stalwart Matt Fax is back, releasing his brand new two track Going Down/Hyperspace EP and it is progressive house heaven. The first track “Going Down” has a smooth, groovy sound, with a bongo drum beat, a deep, strumming bassline and ethereal vocals that digress to a haunting string heavy break. From there, the vocals progressively return to the foreground until the drop combines all the song’s elements together. “Hyperspace” follows along a similar sound; the subtle melodies, heavy bassline and four-on-the-floor clap beat flowing into strings smattered with shimmering percussion creates an otherworldly tone for the track. While “Hyperspace” has an overall deeper sound than its EP mate, “Going Down” comes off a bit darker thanks to the ominous sound of its strumming bassline.

The Going Down/Hyperspace EP will be available for download on Beatport on April 13th. Check out previews of both tracks below: