Unlike many of the DJ’s featured in this series, Paula Temple actually has veteran status, having released her first record 13 years ago. A pioneer of the scene, she ran an underground radio show until 2003, then went on to co-develop the MXF8, the first live performance midi controller, which she took on tour 2003-2005. After the end of her tour, Paula began to lose interest in electronic music, feeling she had achieved everything she wanted, and vanished from the scene, choosing to become a teacher and mentor underprivileged children in music. A dispute with her employer led to her termination and a lengthy court battle, but would also inspire her to start writing music again, which would eventually turn into Colonized, her first EP in over a decade. Released in 2013, Colonized was well received by critics and techno fans alike and would prove to be the spark that reignited her career.

Since then, Paula has continued releasing music, including a number of remixes and last year’s Death Vox EP, and started her own label Noise Manifesto. Over time she has gained a reputation for producing industrial techno that is both brutal and beautiful. With the resurgence of her career, she has returned to touring, with upcoming dates in Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin and making the lineups for this year’s CMYK Festival in Colorado and Movement Festival in Detroit.