Electric Family has got you covered this festival season, and the rest of the year for that matter. Being one of the most positive brands in dance music, they’re looking to make an extra special mark on this year’s festivities.

Not only will Electric Family be at festivals, spreading the good vibes they have come to be known for, but they will be spreading their high quality merchandise. Luckily, you won’t have to hunt them down at a festival, although you should; but, simply, you can place an order online for some of their many new items.

Previously, they’ve sold everything from hats to shirts to their iconic bracelets, and now they are tackling festival gear like bandannas, flags, drink containers and of course, the most useful apparel item of all time, the fanny pack. Don’t worry though, because they added a ton of new shirts (pic below) and hats too. All of these items can be purchased through their store link, which can be found below. All these goodies, and they aren’t even done.

Electric Family Store

Electric Family Shirts

Want to become a part of Electric Family directly? They are currently looking for interns within the fields of graphic design, social media, blogging, customer support and event promotion. The unpaid internships are being run from Spring through Summer, so if you are interested you can head here. It is a great opportunity to become a part of something bigger than just music, and the experience you will receive working with these wonderful, creative people will help you to build a solid foundation for future endeavors.