As one of the most sought after Trance vocalists within the last decade or so, the beautifully expressive lyrics of Ireland’s own Audrey Gallagher is responsible for crafting some of the world’s most iconic lyrics within the confines of Trance and Uplifting, and thousands have been moved to tears with her vulnerable finesse and exquisite tact in delivering highly emotional moments of unforeseen clarity. She began her Trance career when she was discovered by the legendary Agnelli & Nelson on their 2004 single of Holding Onto Nothing, and has since been featured on quintessential Trance classics such as Big Sky with John O’Callaghan, Hold On To Me with Armin van Buuren and Bang The Drum with Ashley Wallbridge. Throughout her heavily accomplished career, she has also had the pleasure to work with such esteemed Trance artists such as tyDi on singles such as You Walk Away, Calling, World’s Apart and Lay Me Down; Giuseppe Ottaviani on Walk This World With Me; and recent projects such as Skin Deep with Solis & Sean Truby and the massive single, Say My Name, by the debut of the connective team up of Flynn & Denton, (which was featured on John O’Callaghan‘s iconic Subculture imprint). However, to show that she is much more than just a talented vocalist, she has also started to venture into production with her first joint project completed with Lange on Out Way Home, (which was meant for the celebration of Lange‘s Lange Recordings‘ 50th release). Now, she has finally made the leap from pure lyricist to full fledged producer with the release of her first ever single of Breathe Again off of Amsterdam Trance Records, (via Raz Nitan Music).

While the original mix is fantastic within its own regard, we have decided that the voluptuous remix of the world renowned Trance artist, Jorn van Deyhoven, has stolen the stage with his beautiful, Progressive Trance rendition that is miles apart from his usual production style. Normally, when someone looks at a Jorn van Deynhoven project, one can imagine large, over-encompassing swaths of pure Trance melodies or sweeping, euphoric Uplifting melodies that brings listeners to tears; but lately, Jorn has been extending the reaches of his established sound and has been heavily experimenting in other styles of Trance. This trend started when he collaborated with Progressive hero Vitodito to create the ‘Jorn & Vito‘ single of Lazy Sundays, which was supported by Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, M.I.K.E., Cosmic Gate and more. Next, he remixed Svenson & Gielen‘s classic Trance anthem, Twister, into a modern day mix that had its roots deep within the classic sound of Trance. Finally, his most recent single of Freaks focused on the Big Room era of Trance which slammed hard into many a Mainstage around the world. However, for his remix of Breathe Again, he has instead decided to focus on the same vein that brought him success on Lazy Sunday with a beautifully angelic version that focuses on soothing melodies and a purified harmonic structure that works in tandem with Audrey‘s divine lyrics to deliver a blissful landscape that’s heavily coated within a special blend of magic that is rarely witnessed within today’s Trance scene.

Jorn van Deynhoven‘s heavenly remix to Audrey Gallagher‘s Breathe Again is out now on Amsterdam Trance Records off of Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out the spellbinding original as well!


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