Thought you knew the best bass music acts? You thought wrong. At least, chances are if you came up with a list, you’d be missing one: Bad Royale. These four lunatics have been dropping pure fire right under your nose for a year now, and four days ago they released one of their best tracks yet.

“U Don’t Like Me” from Diplo and Lil Jon got swallowed up and spit out into a wild hybrid hit. Sound design sticks out to me in their tracks, with this single packing a ton of various sounds working together to get your ass raging. I can see guys like Snails, Brillz, and Bro Safari dropping this one and causing absolute destruction. That is, until these guys play their own shows and cause the havoc themselves. Bad Royale is here to lay waste to all the crap that gets into the musical headlines, and if they keep up the work they have been doing, there’s no telling where they can go.