Visionaire has got an EP coming out on the 13th called Dynasty. On that EP is a track called “Eternity.” On that track is a banging bassline and dope beats. This is that song.

I’m not usually into the “turn up” style of trap with the crowd samples going “OH! OH! OH!” and simultaneous bed squeaks, but something about this track just revs my engine. The kicks and 808s in the build are all pretty standard, but I absolutely love the strings, piano and vocals. The track just keeps trucking along though, and quickly drops into a truly hyphy drop.

This track is tailor-made for the party, even with the random (but appreciated) electric guitar-laden bridge. The second drop begins without any kicks, only the soft snares, a lusty “Unnhhh” and the synths, and oh my god does that build suspense. I can imagine that going off huge in a club. In fact, this whole tune is just tits for playing out.

Check out “Eternity” below from the Dynasty EP by Visionaire, and pre-order your copy now.

If you didn’t catch the Law & Order: SVU reference, it’s okay, I wasn’t trying to make one.