Aspire to Inspire is a weekly series where we share the untold stories of fans, musicians, and music industry professionals. We go much deeper than standard interviews and ask people to talk about what adversity they have both faced and overcome in life. Examples have included: dealing with death, addiction, depression, being gay, and career dilemmas.

There are two parts to ATI – the livestream and the written series. We are looking for one (1) host for the livestream and one (1) writer.

Host: The host for Aspire to Inspire Live will get to conduct 20-40 minute interviews via a livestream with musicians and music industry professionals. He/she will alternate episodes with our other host, Krystal. We are looking for someone who enjoys being on camera, but is also able to take the livestreams seriously. You will be conducting interviews at least once a month, sometimes two (depending on our schedule).

Writer: You will be writing 1-2 articles (at least 1,000 words) every other week. You must be a creative writer, but also willing to share someone’s story the way that he/she wants it to be told. You need to be open to constructive feedback and editing. Both positions require someone who has a diverse taste in electronic music and is open to chatting with anyone because you will be speaking with artists and professionals from various genres.

You will get to talk to and even connect with some of the industry’s biggest figures (via Skype/Google Hangout, phone, in-person, and email). You need to be flexible and be a team player as you will be working with several other people. We want people who are passionate and willing to dedicate their time to this series. For those who are on the Aspire to Inspire team, you will create an impact on our scene by sharing the inspiring stories of those around us.

Aspire to Inspire Host Application:

Aspire to Inspire Writer Application: