It’s kind of a glorious day when you receive news like this, but you’re always a little skeptical, too. For an artist as big as Daft Punk, promotional schedules are usually of tantamount importance. Various artists have gone the guerrilla route, vying instead to leave it up to the fans to search for clues or leak content organically. But for Daft Punk, call it a feeling, but I think they would be a lot more discrete with how they roll out information.

This rumor comes via a social media connection on reddit and Facebook. First, Paul Johnson posted this old promo poster for a Daft Punk show from 2000, pre-Discovery. Johnson is a well-known influence on Daft Punk, and is even mentioned on their track “Teachers” from Homework. The post was linked to on reddit which caused an influx of commenters on the Facebook post. One of which was made by Norman Methner: “i miss these days !! i think its about time someone bringing this genre back 2 life.” [sic]

Johnson’s response to it could be easily missed. But the implications are enormous.

And with Daft Punk’s stake in TIDAL, rumors have also been stirring that the streaming platform will hold exclusive rights to the new release. It will, of course, be released in physical and digital purchase formats. But with Daft Punk’s involvement in TIDAL, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch that it would be hosted there exclusively for streaming.

Keep in mind, these are just rumors. Daft Punk’s release schedule is chaotic and nonuniform, but they’ve never released two albums within three years of each other. (Not counting Alive 2007, a live album.)


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