Earlier this year, Mike Lévy announced that Coachella would be the final Gesaffelstein Live performance. The techno enigma laid waste to sold-out venues across North America in preparation for this final act.

Everything about the show perfectly accentuates Gesaffelstein’s dark and ominous tones. The visually accompaniment is executed flawlessly, relying heavily on the classic pairing of smoke and strobe lights. As a final detail, the entire journey is conducted from behind an altar, providing a wildly immersive atmosphere. It’s no wonder the Frenchman is shrouded in mystique.

Click below to relive the spectacle.

Mike Lévy has accumulated quite a portfolio, having worked with the likes of Kanye West, Brodinski, and even Daft Punk. Recently, the legendary Jean-Michel Jarre elected Gesaffelstein to collaborate on his first piece of original music in nearly eight years. The track, titled “Conquistador,” is the first offering from Jarre’s forthcoming album, and is available now exclusively on Beatport.

Mike Lévy’s genius is bound to continue producing new material, and his endless pursuit of a comprehensive aesthetic has already left a lasting impression on the entire genre. I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Gesaffelstein.


Photo by Mike Levy