CounterPoint Music Festival’s already epic line up got even sweeter when the addition of MVNGCSTL and Next Wave artists came to the silent disco. Purveyors of the ever-popular future bass and future house genres, they will be joining forces with local DJs and producers to make the silent disco dance floor the place to be all day and night on Saturday May 23.

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Moving Castle is an artist collective trailblazing the path all future bass producers look to for inspiration. They are propagating a sound that is sweeping the nation and catching everyone’s attention. In a recent article we outlined why the sound their artists are making is becoming the direction music is headed. It’s kind of like that jersey club sound, but with more of an LA influence coupled with a forward-thinking mentality that bass doesn’t have to always be wobbly and heavy to be entertaining. Hints of beauty and picturesque interludes intwine themselves with trap 808s and high-hats while dreamy, futuristic synths and vocal distortions breathe a fresh life into our beloved electronic platform. Hints of all of your favorite genres can be found in their sound, but the spin they are putting on them is uniquely futuristic. Artists on their roster you will also see at CounterPoint will be in bold:

  • AObeats
  • Robokid
  • Manila Killa
  • Hunt For the Breeze
  • Catt Moop
  • Vices
  • Mark Johns
  • WRLD
  • Yung Wall St
  • Dugong Jr.
  • Kappa Kavi
  • Jailo
  • Ba-Kuura
  • Dirty Chocolate
  • Bamf

Next Wave Records

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Next Wave Records out of Los Angeles is always on top of finding the artists that are about to be the next big thing in dance music. Their dream is to showcase the music they love to a broad audience and to shine light on artists who deserve it. The goal at Next Wave isn’t to make money off the back from selling records, but to create a loyal fan base and reward them with the best free dance music out there. They have an arsenal of amazing artists and I can’t wait to see what they bring to CounterPoint this year. Bearson will without a doubt throw down a memorable set. Next Wave artists on CounterPoint line up will be in bold:

  • Bearson
  • CRAY
  • Mark Johns
  • Manila Killa
  • Rambo V
  • Jerry Folk
  • Beshken
  • Atlas Bound
  • dinnerdate.
  • Lucas Chambon
  • Notize
  • Prince Fox
  • Syre
  • XVII

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