The notorious deadmau5 has returned, and this time with a special guest on his latest coffee run, the Game Of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn who plays Hodor the huge. Currently on his Rave Of Thrones tour, the 20-year experienced DJ goes for a ride in Zimmerman’s custom Jeep Rubicon (the only one of his cars that would fit the behemoth of a man).

The half hour drive is chock full of intense accelerations and features the heavy Irish accent of a surprisingly loquacious Nairn, who is world-renowned for saying only his character’s name. Nairn also drops a slick announcement that he is working on a debut EP as well as several new film and television projects – although he has yet to be confirmed to work on the new series of GOT. Hodor also expresses his interest in getting a Ford Raptor after touring the United States, as it’s the only consumer vehicle he will ever feel small in.

Check out the full run below.

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