Bensley is the perfect act to emerge in what I’m calling the “Second Coming of DnB.” Last year showed a great amount of improvement in production and an enormous increase in the amount of music being released compared to previous years. This has resulted in the increase in productions overall, with more than 10 DnB albums already slated for this year, including SpectraSoul, The Prototypes, Phace, Spor, Sigma, The Qemists (yes, you read that right), and newcomer Bensley.

Signed to RAM Records after just a single demo, Bensley is already releasing his debut album this Sunday, entitled Next Generation. It’s a truly remarkably descriptive title, considering the album that he put forth, he’s truly within the next generation of DnB producers along with others like Zuko & Ownglow.

“Next Generation” is a slick liquid tune, with just simply masterful production. As the title track for the album, you would expect it to be a little more bombastic, but this is rather quaint and peaceful – within the term “drum n bass,” at least.

However, the album is predominantly liquid, and this is one of the best on the release. Honestly, the entire album is one of the best that will come out this year, and it will easily make it onto my top albums list this year.

Pre-order Next Generation here.