In today’s EDM market, Progressive House has lost its meaning to the mainstream stage, simply becoming synonymous with super saws and uplifting melodies. However, true Progressive is still alive and well, one needs to look no further than Swedish producer, Jeremy Olander’s latest Goliath EP for proof of this.

Olander‘s roots in Prog House can be traced back to such legendary operations such as Pryda Records and his releases have attracted praise from some of the greatest names in electronic music, such as Carl Cox, John Digweed, and Pete Tong. With such excellent credentials under his belt, it’s no surprise that the long running producer’s latest effort is nothing short of excellent.

The title track Goliath is just that, a big tune with epic synth work. An ’80s style lead rides a nice LFO pattern, but soon enough the song runs out of chill and slams into a rolling bassline and massive pumping pads. This tune is complimented by the very respectable Techno rework by Marc MarzenitBayhert is a step up in intensity with a more acid infused bassline, that can almost earn the venerable blood rave moniker on the second ‘drop.’ With some nice and infectious chord work up front Bayhert might just be my favorite record on the EP.  Last on the EP, but certainly not least is Groover, perhaps the most sparse elementally speaking. With a more subdued style the track boasts some very catchy atmospheric effects coupled with a very sick airy percussive pluck; without a doubt,  minimal fans will enjoy Groover.

On the whole Goliath is an excellent piece of work, be sure to grab your copy today via Beatport!

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