A new tune has surfaced today to cap of this week’s stellar releases. If your musical direction calls for something similar to Kygo, Thomas Jack, or Robin Schulz, then check out this remix from Miami’s talented up and comer Eche Palante. From releasing plenty of original compositions and many free remixes, Mr. Palante moves on bringing his chill sound to a new remix he’s been working on for quite some time.

Eche Palante takes on “Teach Me How To Dance” by a surging band from Utrecht called Causes. In his remix, Eche is reinvigorates this slow tempo-ed tune into a dance piece while still maintaining the tranquil quality of the original. Adding four-to-the-floor kicks and leaving the vocals and guitar melody, this remix is ideal for any chill playlist or a 4 AM mixing session. Either way, it is definitely worth a listen or two.

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