Jack Ü is great and all, but lets face it… they are SO 2014. The real power duo is the new formation of Dillon Francis & Porter Robinson that goes by the name of Spoon Ü.

Ok, so yes, Spoon Ü is a joke but it is awesome none the less. Using the Hard Summer trailer to spoof their announcement, the Jack Ü knock off was a great way to announce a festival lineup.

Rukes was able to do a photo shoot with the new super duo that gives a bit more insight into the weird world of Dillon Francis and Porter Robinson.

Although their duo Spoon Ü isn’t a reality, the combination of Dillon Francis and Porter Robinson is something we desperately want. In the meantime, enjoy some of the best pictures from the Rukes photo shoot and make sure to check out the full album on Rukes’ website:


Full album: Rukes