Two days ago, we, along with the entirety of the EDM blogosphere, reported that Dillon Francis was going to be making an R&B album… apparently we were wrong.

Recently Dillon sat down with MTV News to dish on everything Dillon. During the interview he said he has recently been inspired by Drake’s “Wednesday Night Interlude” and that he listens to it “10 times a day” and that “he thinks that’s where he wants to take the next album he wants to do.” He then went on to explain his plan for the future and used the sentence: “I am going to make a bunch of Dillon Francis slash R&B songs.”

Despite this very clear description of R&B becoming a part of Dillon’s musical future, he denied that is what he meant on Snapchat by saying “I have no idea what I’m doing for my 2nd album, and if anything it’ll sound like my song with Kygo.” Dillon also added that “if any of those blogs actually listened to that song I credited, it sounds like a Flume song.”

Here is Drake’s “Wednesday Night Interlude” and now that you have all of the facts we hope you see how easy it was to be confused.