Calvin Harris wasn’t always the tall brooding model that fans know him as today. Before he was posing in Armani underwear, he was a dark-haired quirky producer from Dumfries, Scotland. In this slightly awkward interview with stv/music from 2007, Calvin Harris defines his music as “electro, indie, quite dancey, but quite good at the same time.” Around this time, Harris’ gimmick was colorful, out of the box music videos like “Acceptable In The 80s.” While it would take dance music about four more years to make its way to the US, Calvin Harris was on the forefront of dance music in Europe, as his first albumĀ I Created Disco went certified gold in the UK and had a number of top ten singles. Eventually, Harris would rebrand himself and eliminate both the quirky persona and live-show to pave way for more mainstream, radio friendly mega hits, but if you want to start your week with a laugh, watch the full interview below:


Photo: Rukes