If there’s one thing that never gets old, it’s the fusion of glitch and hip-hop. Since the latter has profoundly influenced the former, combining the two always generates some stellar music. Case in point: OrphicEVeryman‘s collaboration on ‘Om Hop Rock’, a B-side tune from the album Fractal Beach. The beat is bouncy and booming, with Orphic‘s thick synths giving it a distinctly crunchy feeling. EVeryman‘s supremely lyrical vocals permeate the production as he spits refreshingly self-aware, conscious bars throughout the track. His writing is fueled by life & love and that energy is definitely displayed here.

To add another dimension to the tune, the artists and their friends created a fun-filled music video; it focuses on the travels of EVeryman for the last few years, moving up and down the West coast on a non-stop sonic quest.  While many of the performance scenes in the video take place on a ‘mutant’ school bus called Boogaloo, the infamous art car built by the Dirty Beetles Camp of Los Angeles, there are also some scattered shots from this year’s Serenity Gathering as well. Check it out after the jump and be sure to show these talented up & comers some support!


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Facebook || Soundcloud || Twitter

Video Shot & Edited by Andrew Oleck of Bayview Drive Films

Special Thanks:
Joel Jakub aka Orphic
The Dirty Beetles
The Do Lab
Boogaloo Mountain Jam
The Good Vibe
King King