Kaskade tracks tend to endure a slew of remixes. Rarely, however, does one encapsulate the style and vibe that the EDM legend pours out. Hailing from Atlanta, progressive house up-and-comers Halogen have risen above the doubt to do just that. With this beautiful remix of ‘Raining’, it almost sounds like Kaskade made a VIP mix himself.

The sulky piano riff in the intro, combined with a muffled pluck synth, give you a radiant feeling for what’s about to come. The verse rolls in with Sunsun’s soothing vocals, and layer perfectly with the Kaskade-esque electro pluck. With a triumphant return of the original piano chords, the build gradually increases your anticipation as the snares get louder and louder. The rest of this harmonious saga is ineffable, as I will let you experience the perfectly alluring drop for yourself.

Flaunting a resumé that includes Tomorrowworld and the NYE Buckhead Ball, Halogen has burst onto the scene with gusto. If you see their name on a local bill, don’t miss them, as they are sure to make massive moves in 2015. Check out the remix below!