Lektrique just dropped the Omega EP, and somebody has clearly been selling souls to the underworld. This track is absolutely worthy of its own EP, and the three accompanying remixes don’t let up on the tone set by Lektrique’s original.
“Omega” hurts in the best way possible. Rife with Mortal Kombat semblances, guttural chants, and lasers piercing the space time continuum, it really has everything I could want. There’s even instances of blown out moombahton gracing the latter half. This track is caked with grit and you’ll need a shower by the end of it.
LUMBERJVCK takes the helm on the first remix, flipping the angelic theme on its head and loosing the trap demons in a feeding frenzy. The bass punches hard, and chopped vocals intertwine with pumping growls to complete the immense experience.

Drum & bass heads will rejoice for the Our Time remix of “Omega.” It kicks off with a taste of breakbeat before dropping into unexpected grime swells. The first half is certainly more steppy, while the second breakdown rejoins its roots for a frenetic drum & bass jam.

Andy’s iLL rounds off the EP with another reverberating trap bomb. The production quality is top shelf on this one, creating a truly expansive soundscape. I’m not going to spoil anything, but Andy packs in a couple surprises that left me waggling trap arms around the living room.

Overall, the Omega EP sounds like a mechanized dance party in serious need of some WD-40. But, I’m into that and I think you will be too. It’s a genre spanning release that caters to more aggressive tastes, and successfully elevates the standard for Kannibalen Records.

The Andy’s iLL and Our Time remixes are available for free download, but if you like what you hear, go support the EP on iTunes.