Like we were saying yesterday, the fusion of glitch and lyrical, conscious hip-hop is on the rise; which, of course, makes us indescribably happy. Especially when we can be the avenue that brings this wonderful music directly to your ears! Without further ado, we give you Mr. JenningsBrooklyn Shanti‘s collaborative work: ‘Mumtaz’. The production glitters and gleams, with soft guitar riffs and string plucks adding a nostalgic warmth to the vibe. The bass is bouncy and driving, perfectly complementing Shanti’s thought-provoking vocals. There’s a distinctly sun-soaked feeling that arises from this tune and summer feels closer upon every listen.

Now, ready for a fun fact? This collaboration is actually a remix of a remix: Brooklyn Shanti recently put together a revised edition of his album Bedstuyle featuring remixes & edits from both himself and staples of the underground bass music scene like Dubvirus and SubatomicaMr. Jennings‘ submission so tickled Shanti’s fancy that a re-imagining of the tune with lyrics became a necessity. You can listen for yourself after the jump; be sure to grab the exclusive free download if you like what you’re hearing! Also, the full stream of Bedstuyle Remixed can be found here.


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To top everything off, there’s even a visual element to this stellar composition. Check out the official music video for ‘Mumtaz’ below.