“Acid, Disco, Plastik, Electro…” What could it mean!? I haven’t the faintest idea, but it makes for a tantalizing hook in Danny Avila’s newest track, “Plastik.” Avila, who was crowned ‘Best Newcomer DJ’ during the prestigious Vicious Music Awards at the impressive age of 16, also hosts MORE Radio, as well as curates his very own “Ready To Jump” series, now on its genre-defying 113th episode. His latest track “Plastik” begins somewhat akin to Calvin Harris’ remix of “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” galloping along to a rowdy electro beat and conjuring up thoughts of chaotic fist-pumping carousels. Stay tuned for the accompanying “Plastik” acid mix, which happens to be my personal favorite of the two. Both mixes center around a bouncy, energetic break-down, prime for main stage performances this summer. Catch a preview of “Plastik” below and pick up a copy of the track when it drops on May 4th.