Every artistic soul possesses a vision, something that they would love to be identified with, internally screaming to release the extent of their raw emotion into the world. Many have taken the risk and have done so by touching upon millions of lives and identifying with thousands of people. Bands such as Nirvana have inevitably left a powerful imprint and Alessandro Lindblad, known more commonly as Alesso, is planning on following in their footsteps.

“People say [EDM] is this soulless, simple thing. Kurt Cobain wrote about misery and heartbreak. Why can’t I?”

The Swedish wunderkind sat down with Billboard Magazine to share his personal viewpoint on making music. Despite the chaos of the jet-set life, the fame, and numerous fans worshiping the artist’s craft worldwide, it’s admirable to distinguish a sense of humility and truth within him. The artist’s inspiration stems from personal experience, and the message which he continues to spread throughout his work truly resonates with the audience, resulting in over 100 million streams on Spotify and countless successes on music charts. His debut album, Forever, set to release May 26th, has given us a glimpse at what we can expect with singles like  “Heroes” featuring Tove Lo, and “Cool.”

Alesso wants to be rid of the notion that EDM is “soulless,” and strives to inject meaning in his productions. Musicians that have worked alongside or with Alesso agree that he’s a man of extreme focus. “He’s a perfectionist. All the best in that genre tend to be,” says Ryan Tedder, front man of OneRepublic.

Essentially, every tune has been a reflection of who Alesso is or what he is going through at a given moment; the producer thrives on setting himself apart from others as he continues to write songs for his vocalists, thus giving himself an opportunity to convey tension and emotion.

Alesso says all of this while sitting in a mansion atop the Hollywood Hills, swarmed by managers and publicists. Having the mindset is only half of the battle, you have to actually live it, too.


Source: Billboard | Image via Emily Berl