Martin Garrix has taken the EDM world by storm, and shows no signs of slowing down. One of Garrix’s most recent releases, “Forbidden Voices,” which he gave away in celebration of reaching 10 million fans on Facebook, has a more emotional atmosphere than we’re used to from the main stage youngster.

Now the newly minted Exit Friendzone, a Toronto-based progressive house duo who are supported by some of the biggest names in house, have put their own twist on the track to result in a lofty progressive rendition which will leave you feeling some type of way. The melodies are catchy and succinct and ride along flawless sound design to span three and a half minutes of utter bliss for what is a highly noteworthy remix.

Supported by Garrix himself, this version of “Forbidden Voices” reestablishes progressive house as a potent genre capable of tearing up the dance floor from the club to the main stage. Grab it for free today.