The music industry is glamorous. DJs are like rockstars nowadays where everyone wants to be the Avicii or Skrillex or Diplo up on stage commanding the crowd and playing their music for a living. To some, it seems too risky, but others live by the old saying “high risk, high reward” and go all in to achieve their dreams of making it.

In a behind-the-scenes look of the electronic dance music industry, Heard But Not Seen is the first documentary of its kind that truly captures EDM from an insiders perspective through interviews of artists, managers, marketers, bloggers, and more. Via interviews with Kap Slap, his manager Alex Bender, production guru Tom McPhilips, and others as well as featuring artists like the Chainsmokers, Manila Killa, and Cash Cash, the people that are building the productions behind the electronic dance music scene finally have a platform to talk about their experiences and share them the world. You can watch the the full documentary below.