All photos © Sébastien Roy

Beautiful things are happening in Montreal, namely the Society for Arts and Technology’s Entropia.

Nestled inside of the Society for Arts and Technology’s (SAT) signature dome, Entropia is the work of French sound artist, Fraction, and visual artists Nature Graphique, Louis-Philippe St-Arnault, and Creation Ex Nihilo. The audiovisual spectacle saw its first iteration last winter while Fraction held a residency at SAT, and is inspired by the aesthetic and symbolism of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. Fraction proposes the concept to “immerse the audience inside a dynamic environment that blurs the line between installation and performance.”


SAT’s dome employs real-time generative visuals which play on the luminous nature of Entropia’s 13′ geodesic dome in the center of the space. Visual and audio components of the installation are generated by a slew of programs, including: MadMapper, TouchDesigner, Resolume, MaxMsp, Ableton Live, Lemur and IanniX. The audience even has space to sit down while taking in the multi-sensory experience. It looks positively stunning.

Entropia will be on display at SAT’s IX symposium from May 20th-24th.


H/T The Creators Project | All photos © Sébastien Roy