After years of waiting for member of supergroup Dada Life Olle Cornéer to put out the first single from his experimental side project Night Gestalt, it seems the day has finally arrived. Coming off the yet to be released album One, track “The Death of SHE” has just been uploaded alongside a dark and haunting music video.

Olle has explained that it was only last year, after he received his cancer diagnosis, that he decided to unveil the project and push his attention in the direction of Night Gestalt. The entire LP was written from his country home on a small Swedish island several years ago, a perfect location to hone in on his new forms of experimental expression.

The track begins with bright, delicate blips and beeps alongside Olle’s sweeping vocals. Different instruments fade in and out behind the mix throughout its length as the singing carries the emotional energy. The music video is entirely black and white, and features close up shots of Olle’s face amongst dilapidated structures and abandoned buildings. The entire song comes as a completely different experience from Dada Life’s usual festival bangers, and shows a darker, more intense side to Cornéer’s artistry.


Source: THUMP

Photo: RadioSaturn