Okay, so maybe it’s not easy per se, but Zedd dropped some knowledge when he talked to The Guardian this past week. In just four years, Zedd went from a kid from Germany who won a Skrillex remix contest, to a Grammy award-winning international superstar who’s about to release his second album True Colors. Zedd is one of those DJs you love to root for, as the humble producers’ rise to fame was a route built with talent and hard work instead of gimmicks. In this interview with The Guardian, the 23-year old gives eight nuggets of wisdom to help guide and inspire the next breakthrough mega artist:

1. Extensive electronic knowledge is not essential. Citing Daft Punk’s Discovery and Justice’s Cross as his first taste of dance music, Zedd admits that he didn’t know much about the genre outside of those two albums; but the way the music moved him is what made him start producing.

2. It’s better to make an album than a collection of singles. While many DJs focus on a string of hits to race up the charts, Zedd has taken a much different approach. His debut album Clarity produced a multitude of singles like “Stay the Night” and his claim to fame “Clarity,” but the producer believes there’s more artistry and more to prove by creating a body of work like True Colors. 

3. Focus on the M part of EDM

4. Branch out into other genres

5. Massive pop stars help things along a bit

6. It doesn’t really matter if the song doesn’t make grammatical sense

7. Matching the right vocalist to the right song is crucial

8. Broaden your sartorial choices once the money starts rolling in

Read the entire interview here.

Source: The Guardian

Photo: Rukes