It seems that every major brand is implementing electronic dance music into their promotional schemes nowadays, from Avicii & Volvo partnering up to FXX‘s airing of the “Major Lazer” cartoon series, and now Gatorade: presenting a new promotional campaign which features the soccer (football) phenom Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona showcasing his skills to the soundtrack, provided by house maestro Zedd.

Specifically, this new campaign makes use of one of the tracks from Zedd’s sophomore album, True Colors. The song, entitled “Addicted To A Memory,” features flavorful french-electro flairs in accompaniment of seamlessly edited footage of some of the best in international football – with an overwhelming focus on one of the greats of our time, Lionel Messi.

Check out the long cut below, and more on the Gatorade Football YouTube.

Stay tuned for the release of True Colors, due out May 19th, and a huge announcement expected the 11th per the tweet below.

Image from Holy Ship!