Electric Zoo has had a rough go of it these past couple of years. Following the death of two attendees in 2013, the festival was washed out by rain on the final day in 2014. Fans of the festival are rightly incredulous of its reinstallment in 2015, but promoter Made Event has partnered with a huge company to help alleviate any concerns.

For 2015, Electric Zoo will become Electric Zoo: Transformed thanks in large part to the participation of major festival promoter ID&T, responsible for other festivals like TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland, as well as the newly minted One-Tribe Festival in Southern California.

“We stumbled in 2014, admittedly, so we said, ‘Let’s rebuild this from the ground up,'” says Jeff Wright, creative director for Made Event.

ID&T’s representative overseeing Electric Zoo will be Jeroen Jansen, who moved to New York after SFX purchased ID&T to oversee “TomorrowWorld near Atlanta, Mysteryland in upstate New York and the white-wardrobe-themed Sensation in Brooklyn.”

Though Electric Zoo could be one of his biggest undertakings, he is not doing it alone.

Many of the suggested ­improvements came from Zoo attendees who participated in surveys issued after the 2014 event. “We got essays,” says Made ­marketing chief Michael Julian. In addition to a themed experience, fans asked for more restrooms (which will be increased by 30 percent) and faster entry lines (the entrance will be expanded).

Check out some of the proposed designs below.electric-zoo-birdelectric-zoo-octopus


Source: Billboard