After causing a traffic jam in Amsterdam from an impromptu balcony DJ set, Skrillex found the time to hit up the BBC Radio 1 studio for a One on, One off with Annie Mac. In this show, Skrillex speaks candidly about a range of topics, offering up an intimate look at his life. Aside from plans to start an English party cup business (apparently red Solo cups aren’t a thing in England), the interview taught us a few things about the ubiquitous producer:

1. Skrillex’s first London gig was in 2008 at Underworld, coincidentally the same venue where Annie Mac got her start DJing.

2. Similar to other great musicians like Charlie XCX, Skrilly’s got synesthesia. He describes seeing music in weird textures and shapes, experiencing “Take Ü There” as a light yellow. Additionally, the OWSLA frontman hears strange languages and beautiful melodies in his dreams which he can’t recreate as the feeling is all that remains.

3. Unbeknownst to many, Sonny’s mother passed away recently. When asked about the emotional roller coaster he’s endured since her passing, he commented, “it’s humbling at the same time, you just wanna be appreciative and live.”

4. Sonny’s always spoken highly of his touring crew, especially his manager Tim Smith. He’s become family with those constantly surrounding him, “That’s everything almost. Aside from the music that I make, the ideas I have, it’s all about the family around you.”

5. It’s well known that Skrillex feels at home on the road, but we didn’t know how comfortable he felt until now. “I feel nomadic, I always have. I like to travel – my greatest ideas come out of me when I’m in the car, or in the airplane, or different environments.” He also lets in on inspiration coming from Wiwek’s Jungle Terror and Boaz Van De Beatz.

Ending on a high note with Party Favor’s remix of DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat,” this segment only furthered our appreciation for one of the most humble people in music. Catch the full interview here (starts at 1:32:00).


H/T Dancing Astronaut | Photo by BBC Radio 1