The name Scooter Braun is one that seems to circulate the news and pop culture headlines on a weekly basis. With enormous acts like Justin Bieber, Psy, Ariana Grande, and Carly Rae Jepsen under his belt, it isn’t surprising that he holds substantial influence over a great portion of the scene. In a recent interview with Medium, Scooter revealed countless stories and quotes from his early life and family. He speaks in length about his father, one of his biggest influences and sources of inspiration.

To me, surprising my dad meant impressing him. Even in small ways. I’d get a fast break on the basketball court but pull up for a three-pointer. And you’d hear my dad, who was coaching, go: ‘SCOTT! NO, NO, NO!!!’ And then when the ball went through the net, he’d be: ‘Okay!’

He goes on to explain how his small stature growing up made him sensitive and observant to the feelings and mindsets of others, rather than overconfident and reliant on his physique. At only 4’11” entering freshman year of high school, Scooter remembers being called a shrimp by one of his classmates.

When you’re that small, you find yourself observing a lot because you’re physically not able to compete. You have to use your mind in a different way.

Throughout the rest of the interview, Scooter gives countless snippets of advice and knowledge from his years in the business, many of which could be converted to wonderful Tumblr fonts over outlays of foggy mountains. He describes his “go with your gut” mindset that has been the driving force behind his professional and personal life choices, as well as his stories behind acquiring the talent that’s made him world renowned.

I’d love to tell you that there are all these lessons and that a lot of my success was based on things that I learned and how I was able to move forward. But really it’s just being stupid enough to think you can do it.

Getting this kind of perspective is refreshing, as it gives depth and humanity to an otherwise overly publicized and criticized name. Read the full interview here and get to know Scooter Braun.

Source: Medium

Photo: HollywoodReporter