Shazam, an app that truly revolutionized how people discover and identify new music, has expanded beyond the realms of music over the last couple years. The founders and developers of this app have put considerable creative energy and innovation together to create a feature enabling users to Shazam not only music, but objects too.

However, at their root, they are still a music discovery app. And with the amount of people now Shazaming (yes, it’s now a verb) songs on the radio and at festivals, it has become possible to predict the next top hit. Cait O’Riordan, VP of Shazam, has recently announced that Shazam can now predict the latest #1 Billboard charter as far as “33 days out.” Based on the frequency of Shazamed songs by users, they can easily predict which song is bound to be a seasonal hit, singling out Clean Bandit, who had “the most Shazams of any single in the whole of the world in 2014.”

This rule of thumb could even apply to songs that haven’t quite gotten recognition from the radio audience, but may be official club bangers. Check out the video below to get a more in-depth explanation from Shazam’s VP:


Source: FactMag