Now… you read that headline, and you immediately think “clickbait,” right?


In the wake of its partnership with ID&T, Electric Zoo: Transformed is pushing for massive media reform of its image and it’s starting with the producers behind the event. One of the performers this year will be Thomas Jack, one of the reigning kings of tropical house. (Don’t worry, he won’t be fighting Kygo for the throne.)

As a way of promoting the event, Thomas Jack made a 40-second video that shows him 1) in a bathtub, 2) lifting weights, 3) getting absolutely wasted, and 4) touching his nipple. Tequila is the drink of choice for tropical house, going along with the tropical/Caribbean vibe, and we get to see Thomas Jack pounding handle pull after handle pull of Patron.

Thomas Jack | Facebook

Come see Thomas Jack at Electric Zoo. Tickets are available on their website: