At what point in an artist’s career do they cease to be a “rising” star and advance to full-on “star” status? Is it when you’re on Tiesto’s podcast? Is it when you’ve played the Tomorrowland main stage? Is it when your track is the basis for comparison amongst all other only-slightly-similar tracks?

The answer is – none of those. It’s when you collaborate with Rob Swire and Knife Party.

I might be a little biased considering one of my all-time favorites is Pendulum, but I think that anyone who knows music theory and production will tell you that Rob Swire is one of the great producers of our time. His mixes are clean and he has proven time and again that he can churn out hit after hit.

With Oliver Heldens now by his side, we’re definitely not sure what we can expect. Abandon Ship had quite a diverse selection of genres, but none quite like what Heldens is throwing out. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Long studio day with Rob Swire (Knife Party)! I’ve been a big fan of Pendulum and I love the Knife Party stuff, so it’s a big honour to make music together 🙂 #Legend #RobSwire #Pendulum #KnifeParty snapchat: oliverheldens


Photo via Rukes