Drew Goldberg is the man. At just 23 years young, “The Hungry Partier” has traveled to upwards of 50 countries, and partied in most of them.

Goldberg hails from Arizona, and had his first taste of travel during a study abroad in Prague while attending University of Wisconsin at Madison. To fund his excursions, Goldberg utilizes the widely accepted tactic of teaching English abroad, allowing him to travel while positively impacting communities around the world. The Hungry Partier recently did an interview with Insomniac, where he articulates his wanderlust, reveals how Pretty Lights changed his life, and explains why Asia is the world’s #1 party spot. Here are a couple of his tips on getting the most out of traveling:

Value experiences over possessions.

Americans typically just want things and don’t value experiences, so they’ll just worry about getting a new car, getting a nice apartment, and getting a really big TV, and that shit is expensive. I don’t spend money on any of that; I just buy plane tickets.

Party in unexpected places.

I went to Let it Roll, a random drum & bass festival in Prague in January 2012. It was one of my first festivals, and it was in some sketchy neighborhood outside the city. The entire experience was bizarre. We were the only non-Czech people inside the venue. I remember seeing Netsky there before he became famous, and he blew my mind.

Find the Asians.

I’ve been saying for years that Asians have the best dance moves. The dance music scene here is insane. Nobody would think that Korea is crazy, but I’ve never partied harder anywhere. Seoul is the next-best city to club in after Vegas, because clubs go all night, and all the big-name people come here as well. Here’s a video from my YouTube channel as proof:

What’s something that American ravers can learn from those abroad?

They can learn how to respect one another, because even though raving is all about “I love you. You love me. We’re a big happy family,” I feel like Americans can be disrespectful to one another. Oftentimes, they just go to events to party and don’t care about the music—more so than people from other countries.

The Hungry Partier is back in the U.S., ready to hit EDC Vegas before embarking on a euro trek to attend Tomorrowland. You can check out Insomniac’s full interview here, and be sure to scope Drew’s blog and chat him up on Facebook or Twitter.


H/T Insomniac | Photo by Drew Goldberg