I’m not really sure what more can be said about drugs at this point.

I’ve already written about how pure MDMA can help veterans of war and others with PTSD; I’ve also written about how legalization can go wrong if gone about improperly. I’ve written on how “molly” is little more than a buzzword and how ecstasy has changed radically, even in just the past five years. I’ve written about new ways to get high, attempts to educate the public about currently illegal substances, and even what music festivals talk about which drugs.

It’s time to stop writing. It’s time to show you.

Dancesafe went to an underground rave in Brooklyn this past weekend to set up shop and provide on-site drug testing to ravers who wanted to spice up their experience a bit. Kellye Greene, the director of DanceSafe’s NYC chapter, was there with volunteers for the event which advertised itself as a “burner” event, likely to attract a lot of mind-altering substances.

“I would definitely say a good one third of molly that comes through tends to be not MDMA, or MDMA with something else that’s present in it,” Greene explained, an issue which has been widely documented for the past couple of years.

Watch the video below for an idea of how test kits can help prevent unwanted effects and potentially keep you out of the hospital, or worse.

You can purchase a complete set of testing kits from Dancesafe here.