The good folks over at Party Time Society are constantly turning us on to fresh, innovative music and we absolutely love them for it. If you’ve heard any of their recent releases, we’d be willing to bet you do too; and, if not, then this latest gift from New Mexico’s Sattva Ananda is sure to get you onboard the party train.

‘Nah Imma Stay’ (Namaste) is the standout track of his new EP, The Moon Is My Favorite Color, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer you the exclusive free download. Featuring the sensual, sultry vocals of 80 Bug, the tune is a seamless blend of psychedelic deep dub and crunked up glitch. The sound design has an undeniable ‘crunch’ to it, yet the tune is supremely entrancing. Sattva always brings a distinctly ‘urban’ flair to his productions and it’s definitely present here; if a dude from the depths of the hood wandered out into the high desert and took a bunch of peyote, this is probably what he’d be hearing.

So, get on that hypothetical dude’s level and check out the full stream of ‘Nah Imma Stay’ after the jump. If you’re digging the vibes, you should also consider picking up a copy of the full release; it’s currently available on Addictech and Beatport and any support is truly appreciated. Happy listening!


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