Varien has never been a producer known to stick to a particular style. He has consistently produced incredibly diverse and complex tunes to the admiration of many fans and other producers alike. As he gears up to release his debut album later this year, he has dropped one last non-album tune for fans to feast on. This one should be a good indication of where he’s at musically at this moment, but don’t be surprised if Varien is somewhere else entirely by the time the album drops.

“Aether & Light” is absolute madness in terms of complexity, blowing most producers out of the water – and that’s just the way we like it. It has a healthy dose of Middle Eastern vibes throughout, with a gnarly bassline and hypnotic rhythm. In Varien’s own words,

“‘Aether and Light’ was based on the idea of creation, and a deity-like figure creating a universe, and what that may sound like. Hence the drop is very heavy and pounding, like a blacksmith using his hammer.”

Check out the track below and get lost in the sounds of Varien.

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