I hope you’re sitting down for this, so get the popcorn ready. Nicki Minaj had a legendary performance last night at the Billboard Music Awards, earning a standing ovation from the renowned artists in attendance. Her brilliant songwriters have found the perfect muse, with genius lyrics such as: “The night is still young, and so are we” and “Yo, ayo tonight is the night I’ma get twisted.” After belting this poetic classic, she was joined on stage by the one and only David Guetta.

The versatile, dextrous DJ, on the heels of a recent announcement of his mega-collab with 50 Cent, flawlessly turned some knobs and clapped his hands to his track with Minaj, ‘Hey Mama’. Masterful acrobats, who probably practice almost every day to maintain their form and keep in shape, were flipping across the stage periodically in this hilarious juxtaposition. But they don’t get the credit for the standing ovation, nor the headline for this article, because they aren’t famous. Having innate talent isn’t the criteria for a monumental awards show anymore, a name is all you really need.

@davidguetta my man New Music on the way.SMSAUDIO #FRIGO #EFFENVODKA

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H/T: Billboard