We Are Your Friends” has become a highly anticipated movie, with Zac Efron starring as a local EDM DJ turned superstar. Although heavily criticized in the arena of die-hard dance music fans, this movie surely has a lot of potential as the first of it’s kind.

The nature of “We Are Your Friends” is sure to continue to bring electronic dance music into the limelight of the mainstream, as the film aims to capitalize on this burgeoning sector of the music market.

Featuring Bassnectar‘s “You & Me” with W. Darling as the soundtrack for the three minute trailer seems slightly misplaced considering it’s the story of a house DJ who apparently doesn’t leave the realm of 125-128 bpm, and “You & Me” comes in at 70/140 bpm, but hey – it’s Bassnectar so who’s complaining.

Check out the full trailer below and as always leave us your thoughts in the comments – the Warner Bros. film is due out August 28th of this year.