One of the most important aspects of creating a successful artist alias is branding. It’s often overlooked in favor of musical composition, which is equally important, but let’s your marketability fall to the wayside. A lot of new producers in Los Angeles are taking branding super seriously by creating a club or community all their own.

Jauz has got his shark club; The Glitch Mob have the mob; Zomboy has his zombie squad.

Kayzo has his dogs.

And Kayzo’s fans are voracious, all the same. The producer’s ability to whip out any hard bass genre and mold it into a shining example of near-perfect production is unparalleled, evidenced by his various hardstyle and drum & bass productions.

And what do you do when a community has helped you rise to stardom? You give back.

In collaboration with BoogieMADE x ChadwickMak, this custom cut jersey tee “captures underground aesthetics with an athletic touch and is constructed with comfortable, breathable materials made for the dance floor. Features front/back designed by ChadwickMak, and embroidered chest logo.”

The collaboration has also been able to allow KAYZO to release music in an innovated way. The back barcode design, is live and working. This allows for fans to scan the barcode (with a free app from any app store) and direct them to a private link provided by KAYZO. The link will be used to release EXCLUSIVE content to only those who own the shirt.

Best of all, it’s not in LA-Producer Black.

Get your own shirt here, and visit BoogieMADE’s website for more sweet designs.

doghouse instruction manual